Friday of SXSW 2016 was everything you could ask for and much more. With that said, the day started out with the very sexy Niykee Heaton at Music is Universal.

Niykee Heaton hands in the air
Niykee Heaton screaming
Niykee Heaton staring at crowd
Niykee Heaton yelling into microphone
Niykee Heaton singing to crowd
Niykee Heaton at Music is Universal.

Niykee's set was so hot, even the security guards were leaving their posts to snap photos of her on stage.

Niykee Heaton booty out
Niykee Heaton on knees
Niykee Heaton booty and microphone
Niykee Heaton booty facing crowd
Niykee Heaton getting down.

After Music is Universal, we headed to the Fader Fort to catch Tory Lanez. We had previously caught Tory at the Vevo House, where he gave us an intimate performance with jokes and a few covers. However, at Fader, Tory showed us another side. He was crowd surfing and climbing on the rafters while performing. This was by far one of the most energetic sets seen at SXSW 2016.

Tory Lanez close up at Fader
Tory Lanez at Fader close up
Tory Lanez at Fader with hand on hat
Tory Lanez at Fader with his hand on the microphone
Tory Lanez hands in the air at Fader
Tory Lanez at the Fader Fort.

Tory jumped in the crowd and carried on with his set.

Tory Lanez at Fader on top of the crowd
Tory Lanez on the crowd at Fader
Tory Lanez Fader Fort crowd surf resize
Tory Lanez crowd surfing on the mic.

Pandora was postponed due to the rain, which gave us adequate time to bounce over there and catch Jacquees and Tory Lanez again.

Jacquees close up with microphone
Jacquees at Pandora.

And once again, Tory Lanez got up and personal with his face by crowd surfing and climbing rafters to give one of the best performances during SXSW 2016.

Tory Lanez at Pandora with arm to the side
Tory Lanez on the crowd at fader
Tory Lanez climbing rafter
Tory Lanez being held by the crowd
Tory Lanez reaching for rafter
Tory Lanez staring into the sky
Tory Lanez at Pandora.
Niykee Heaton dazed
Niykee Heaton pointing fingers up
Niykee Heaton sitting on chair
Tory Lanez close up confused at Fader