Fun Fun Fun Fest marked its 10th anniversary on Nov 6th, 7th, and 8th of 2015. The set of acts encompassed everything from hip hop to indie to death metal to comedy, as well as skateboarding, bmx, and wrestling. This eclectic characteristic is what defines Fun Fun Fun Fest and separates it from all other festivals.

Friday was filled with multiple energetic performances. One of the most notable, was Peaches on the Blue Stage. This set began with multiple cervixes dancing around on stage and segued into a proposal between two guys professing their love to each other. Immediately after the proposal, a huge phallic balloon was extended into the crowd and Peaches sang about balls and dicks. She then proceeded to hump everything imaginable on stage. Peaches ended her set as the sun set with Fuck the Pain Away. This act can still be felt upon blogging this review. It was everything that a concert performance should be, and much more.

Peaches covered by vaginas
Peaches covered
Peaches vagina guy
Peaches covered with vaginas
Peaches and her cervixes.

The Blue Stage continued staying lit with Rae Sremmurd. This energetic duo kept everyone turnt up and the crowd jumping.

Rae Sremmurd Jumping
Rae Sremmurd staring at crowd
Rae Sremmurd

Indie, hip hop, and electronic: welcome to the Blue Stage. Hudson Mohawke came on next and kept everyone dancing throughout the night..

Hudson Mohawke fog
Hudson Mohawke piano player
Hudson Mohawke.

After HudMo, we encountered a blast from the past: Cheap Trick on the Orange Stage. Masters of their trade, and still on point! The crowd stretched all the way to the Fun Fest gates. Dedicated fans rocked out to the one and only Cheap Trick.

Cheap Trick Backs Together
Cheap Trick Guitar Player on Stand
Cheap Trick Staring at Each Other
Cheap Trick.

The night wouldn't be complete without a stellar set by Chvrches.

Chvrches purple lights hands out
Chvrches purple lights
Chvrches red lights hand out
Chvrches red lights hand up
Chvrches on the Orange Stage

The lyrics, the music, and the performance of Lauren Mayberry ended the night perfectly.

Chvrches Action Shot Staring
Chvrches Dancing with Microphone
Chvrches Head Down Flash
Chvrches holding microphone looking back
Blessed by Chvrches.

And for Fun Fun Fun Fest Friday, that's a wrap!

Chvrches standing on speaker
Chvrches holding microphone looking down
Chvrches saying good night!

Antemasque holding amp
Babes in Toyland Group
Babes in Toyland
Chvrches Hand Up
Chvrches holding microphone stand
Chvrches holding microphone
Chvrches looking at camera
Chvrches red lights holding microphone
Chvrches red lights
Chvrches singing into microphone
Chvrches yelling
Hudson Mohawke crowd jellyfish
Hudson Mohawke drummer
Hudson Mohawke fog synth
Hudson Mohawke fog
Hudson Mohawke piano fog
Nites swag
Peaches vagina girl
Peaches vaginas out
Peaches with vaginas